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Events Calendar

Next meeting Monday, 10/01/2018 at 6:00pm at PCCNCF

The GCA Board Meetings take place on the first Monday of even months at the Pride Community Center of North Central Florida in Gainesville at 6:00 PM.   All members of GCA who wish to attend and participate are welcome.  Please join us.

GCA Potluck

Sunday, September 23, 2018

At Poe Springs

Click here for GCA Potluck info


GCA Potluck Hosts for 2018

Please consider hosting an open month:

January - None
February -
Mark & David and Bunny & Kelle
March - None
April -
Tim, Bob, & Joe
May -
Ed & Mike
June -

July -
Sean & Duane
August -
September - Sunday Potluck at Poe Springs
October - GCA PRIDE Closing Brunch at Emiliano's Cafe
November - Oktoberfest with Eddie, Munroe, and Peter
December - GCA Holiday Potluck at Greg's & Ben's

Call Joe at 352-284-3881 to Host a Potluck


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